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Rare Earth Energy

You can always count on us to be your direct, reliable, and ethical source for rare earth concentrated minerals required for your personal use, green energy development, electric vehicles, and aerospace manufacturing; such as spodumene, lepidolite, tantalite, beryllium, etc. 

Wholesale and by the Kilo

Create the bracelet, earrings, necklace, ankle bracelet or ring that makes your heart sing, with every gaze. Elevated energy, created by you, or with you in mind.


Our specialty includes sourcing and supplying: 

• top grade gemstone crystals, rough and faceted stones for lapidary artists and jewelers.

• minerals specimens for retail/wholesale establishments. 

• the highest vibrational stones for metaphysicians and metaphysical crystal shops.

• investment grade masterpieces of gemstones, mineral specimens, jewelry, fine art and rare objects to collectors and connoisseurs.

• the finest lithium (spodumene/lepidolite), tantalite, beryllium, copper, etc. to rare earth extraction plants for electric vehicles, aerospace and green energy persuits.

Rare Phenakite is one of the highest metaphysical crystal gemstones available and we have a direct partner on the ground, in the Phenakite mine in Nigeria. Readily available and highly sought after by metaphysicians and crystal healers.

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