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Sabrina was born in Manhattan, to immigrant parents and is a renaissance child of the 80’s.  As a proud witness to the birth of Rap music she embodies a New York state of mind.  Combined with the diverse New York City culture, the stage was set for her to express herself.   Her parents blessed her with a diverse education and she is a program graduate of the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.  

As a classically trained pianist, Sabrina accomplished a level of success in her own right, performing at the famed Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and other prestigious venues in NYC.  Her early training by the esteemed Edna Jones Academy in Hollis, New York.  Later by Ben Kingsley at the Conservatory.  However, her most impactful teacher/mentor was Arthur Stracher, whom she credits as her reason for going to school everyday.  Lastly, although no longer studying music, she was greatly impacted and for a short time taught by the great Leonidas Lipovetsky.  

NYC also shaped Sabrina to be a successful business woman.  Her career in finance started with a family mortgage business and grew into a collaboration with Magic Johnson and the Johnson Corporations’ revitalization project in Harlem, USA.  

Sabrina’s entrepreneurial spirit led her away from NYC and she opened the first of three successful vegan restaurants in Tampa Bay that would serve the community for 12 years.  During that time Sabrina sought the best available programs to become a Health Coach for her fast growing businesses.  During the second year of Grassroots’ operation, Sabrina’s restaurant was recognized by VegNews Magazine as one of the top twenty dining establishments in the USA.  In addition she was featured in Vogue magazine as an alternative food lifestyle for models to remain healthy in their career.  During the years Grassroots was in operation, as the founder and executive chef, Sabrina was exposed to many opportunities and decided to use her exposure to raise funds and awareness for the most vulnerable in society, the world’s children.

With gratitude to the Steinbrenner family, she became a member of the Steinbrenner Foundation Board that provides for dozens of Boys & Girls Clubs in Florida.  It is a major effort, that continues to provide and thrive with the support of the entire Yankee organization and many other committed individuals, but she wanted more control of her passion projects.  

Currently, with the Help of the Healing Hands Foundation, Sabrina is partnering with global NGO’s and raising funds for projects of her own choosing.  Her goal is to impact the lives of children, by partnering with those already on the ground doing the work in the most vulnerable global locals.  To date she has raised almost two-hundred thousand for projects in Ghana, India, Nigeria, Ukraine, and has also partnered with All Hands and Hearts in America, to raise money after hurricanes destroyed the Florida coast where she resides.

Sabrina believes in divine connections and partnering with Producer Tanvi Gandhi of Bollywood fame has proven to be a most inspiring and fulfilling partnership.  As an Executive Producer for Tanvi, her goal is to support their joint vision and bring untold women’s stories to the forefront of the film industry.  

Find out more about Sabrina’s artistic passions on her website here and follow all the future projects of Tanvi Gandhi and House of TeeGee (HOTG) on IG @aromatherapy and @houseofteeg 

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