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Girls, Pearls are Everything!

PPearls are the ultimate classy accessory that looks fabulous with any outfit. Jeans and a t-shirt with a blazer and some cool sneakers, it all gets’ elevated when you add a few strings of pearls.

Every pearl is a small miracle. It take 1.5 years or more for the pearl to grow. It is the only jewelry made from a living creature. Destin to have a home on you, you beautiful creature! The variety of colors range from white thru pink pastels with yellow and peach hues. Even more seductive is the darker cultured pearls, that resemble a smoky purple with hues of blue and green accentuating the already shocking beauty of the pearls.

Simply Stated Elegance

Simple elegance defined by a couple strand of pearls on your bare neck. It makes a strong statement that your beauty need only be slightly enhanced by embodying the spirit of less is more.

The Pearl is the Queen of the gems and the gems of the Queens

The Creative Approach to being a Crystal Buyer

Since January 2024, when we went to the largest Gemstone gathering in the USA, pearls have been on my radar. I have made designs and anxiously awaited these gorgeous new additions to the 85 different crystals that i already have. This year is going to be so excitng for the crystal gemstone world and I am bringing it all here. Authentic and fresh new designs in 2024!

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