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Jewelry Trends that Dominate

All you have to do is look out into any crowd and you will see crystals on everybody’s wrists!  Multiple crystal bracelets on each arm is and has been trendy for a few years now.  Those on more conscious levels will affirm that crystals have been on point in their circles, always. 

There are a lot of colorful and shiny bracelets for sale, literally everywhere.  How can one decide?  Well, let us first recognize that if it makes you happy when you look at it, then it is worth a second look and certainly a feel.  

Pretty glass, hand painted beads and just plain plastic
Glass feels like glass.  It also sounds like glass when clinked against another piece of glass.  It is also often painted and one can feel the ridges of the painted lines.  Plastic is obvious and very light weight as well.  Beads are also light in weight and often made of wood.  Look at the hole that was drilled and notice signs of wood or materials used.  

All that glitters is not a crystal gemstone…

Everything is energy as you well may know and my certified crystals have their own beautiful energy.  That my friend IS thee difference with my crystal gemstones.  Mine are GIA certified gemstones and even the untrained eye will easily detect their quality.  They have passed the highest test, mine!  

Above: Pretty glass and plastic beads.
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